Oct 5, 2012

cheeseslave said: Hello! I hope your travels are going well and smoothly. I have a quick whiskey related question for you. Having recently tried Laphroaig for the first time and consequently loving it, would you recommend, if you've sampled them, the Quarter Cask or Cask Strength versions? or possible older versions than the 10 year? I am more than happy to continue enjoying the 10 year bottling, but figured I'd ask. Thanks, and happy traveling.

Well you can’t go wrong with either. I always will be a cask strength man, and with Laphroaig, you won’t be disappointed. Possibly one of the best expressions. Try the quarter cask also. Stick with those, the 18 and triplewood are not at their best. If the 10 is working for you I would just stick with it.