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Anonymous said: If you don't mind, how much did you have to save to be able to quit your job and live this lifestyle?What steps did you take? It's a dream of mine to have a similar lifestyle! Absolute great blog!

A lot! Even on the smallest budget, three months is hard to swing. Simply it takes a lot of saving, budgeting, and overtime to accomplish what we have done. Much of the planning began months and months before we left. It is also about being ok with spending all the hard earned cash and coming back with almost nothing. Once we get back to California we will be starting with a clean slate, as it were, but we are both glad in a way. Ultimately, it is about just doing it, and not procrastinating. Start planning today, and you will see it happen. If you want a full budget, I might be able to get one to you when we get back home - message me or send me your e-mail if you want to.

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