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jamtaylor said: Going to Scotland in a couple months. Want to bring back a good bottle of Scotch to commemorate the trip - recommendations? (one that won't send me to the Almshouse)

Good question! I’m guessing the two most probable regions you’ll be visiting, if you plan on going to the actual distilleries, are Speyside and Isle? You will enjoy the whisky that much more if you have actually seen how it is made, so that would be my first suggestion. If this is the case I would not suggest trying to find something super unique and rare, rather search for something which will have sentimental value. For Speyside: Aberlour is a great one because they supposedly have a great tour and you can even bottle your own dram. Cardu and Glenfiddich also come to mind. For Isla: Most of Isla distilleries are open to the public so you have lots of options. Oban, a favorite of mine, is also right at the doorway into Isla. But, however, since you’re in Scotland you can also take advantage of all the bottle shops and better prices. This is where you could try and find something really really interesting like a Lagavulin 1995 Pedro Ximénez Finish or a Strathisla 25 Year Old. Also, I would suggest looking ahead of time at some reviews of more unique bottles which can’t readily be found where you live. The bottle shop owners in Scotland are generally much more knowledgeable than your average liquorstore owner in the states (If that’s where you’re from) anyway, so they can really hook you up. Hope that helps, a bit vague I know, but it should get you started.

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