Apr 10, 2012 / 1 note

cheeseslave said: Recently acquired Bourbon, Straight by Chuck Cowdery on your recommendation and I'm loving it. Thanks again! And if you had to pick, what is your favorite rye whiskey?

Glad your enjoying it! I love Chuck’s frankness and candor. And as for the rye: of course selections such as WhistlePig and Sazerak 18 are going to be the cream of the crop, but I always fall back to Rittenhouse. It is just too good, with a price-tag to match (compared to $70 for the first two), for it not to be my very favorite. Oh and by the way, I just found a Four Roses Yellow Label at my local - if I don’t finish it off tonight I will most likely review it soon.

  1. cheeseslave said: I talked to the owner of my favorite liquor store and he ordered me a bottle of Yellow Label some time ago and I have really been enjoying it.
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